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In the early 1980's, Mario and Socorro Campisi wondered what it would take to bring the traditional foods of Italy and Mexico – the ones they had grown up with – to the mass marketplace for all to enjoy. You see, they didn’t want to manufacture factory-style foods. Their idea was to share the authenticity and style and flavor of the culinary delights they embraced as children. They wanted the foods done right and home-made.

In 1982, Mario and Socorro established West Best Foods, a small-scale manufacturing operation in a sub-leased space within an existing USDA-inspected factory. With more ingenuity than cash, they painstakingly stayed true and committed to their original vision of authenticity. Preparing every item by hand from the bare essentials up, the operation quickly grew.

In just a few years, it became obvious the start-up enterprise was a success. The company continued to prosper over the years, garnering a reputation for freshness and quality. Mario and Socorro soon took over the entire industrial building that housed their original operation. The company went from selling to a few select companies to servicing some of the largest hotels and casinos in the world.

Today, West Best Foods continues its success by adhering to the original vision behind the company. You won’t see much automation at this factory. Instead, you’ll see workers hand-rolling every burrito, every enchilada and cabbage roll. You’ll see workers hand-assembling every lasagna, hand-stuffing every shell, manicotti and bell pepper. You’ll see hard work and dedication, and most importantly you’ll recognize that home-made touch in every product we manufacture.

West Best Foods continues to be a privately owned corporation, held by the first and second generations of the Campisi family. At West Best Foods, what you see is what you get – no games, no gimmicks. Just fantastic food and commitment!

The company takes great pride in being a major purveyor of frozen Italian, Mexican and Specialty gourmet items to the foodservice industry. We are USDA-Inspected (Federal Est. 6080 & P-6080) and HACCP-Certified.

In 2011, In Business Las Vegas Magazine named West Best Foods one of Las Vegas' Top Minority-Owned Businesses in the valley. In May 2007, Las Vegas Business Press Newspaper featured our company alongside MGM Mirage in a feature article on the local foodservice industry. In 2006, In Business Las Vegas Magazine named Socorro Campisi in its special Influence Issue, showcasing "the men and women who make things happen" in Las Vegas.  In May 2003, the same publication again named our company one of Las Vegas’ Top Minority-Owned Businesses in the valley.

To all of our customers who have been loyal throughout the years, thank you for your patronage! To all of our customers who we have yet to meet, ¡Buen Provecho! and Bon Appétit!



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